We continue with this series keeping our bit of magic out in the Universe! This week we look back at an R&D period from 2018 that we did on a new idea/show called ‘Dusk’.

‘Join our roaming band of dancers, singers and musicians
As the twists and turns of a long journey lead to welcome and warmth.
Will they find new friends and a warm fire under a starry sky?
Discover how they bring light to those in the shadows.
Discover how the twilight of evening works its magic and spreads its kindness.
Discover the warmest welcome at the end of the day’

Enjoy & please do share it & leave us a message so we know our work is still reaching you & hopefully inspiring you or just taking your mind of things for a moment…much love – Natasha, Kerry & Frances xxx
PS we hope to get this show up and touring in the near future….