Folk Dance Remixed takes its inspiration from the similarities and differences in hip hop and folk dance; essentially, they have both come from the street and from the people; they both have social aspects and room for self-expression. The resulting synergy has the creative impact and power to excite audiences and participants, celebrating diverse traditions and approaches to dance and movement.

We have plans to create further performance and participation elements, and engage both the dancers and musicians in further research and development periods. We are busy searching out alternative funding possibilities and avenues for new work at every opportunity.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! In order to show our funders that people value our work, and to help us realise our plans and to develop new work, we are asking for donations to support our ongoing plans.

We’ve launched a Folk Dance Remixed Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

We are planning to develop our own youth company, further develop out fusion of folk and hip hop music as well as train up our team to teach the styles staying true to their techniques and history.  We also host inspiring workshops that get families up and dancing together and strangers holding hands and laughing within minutes, our work truly touches all that come into contact with it!

Please donate what you can to keep this joyous and eclectic company pushing forwards into the ground breaking territory that they have already taken by storm!