Folk Dance Remixed takes its inspiration from generating a creative playground to grow new and innovative ideas of mixing folk dance and music of many cultures with contemporary and street dance styles. We are excited by the similarities and differences in hip hop and folk dance; essentially, they have both come from the street and from the people; they both have social aspects and room for self-expression. The resulting synergy has the creative impact and power.

Kerry Fletcher and Natasha Khamjani (by Kajtek Witkowski)

Artistic Directors – Kerry Fletcher and Natasha Khamjani

Artistic directors and dance artists Kerry Fletcher and Natasha Khamjani were brought together by East London Dance to explore and create new ideas and concepts using the traditional vocabulary of folk dance expressed through the voice of contemporary street dance styles, and create a current and relevant fusion as a platform for outstanding performance and participation activities.

We also host inspiring workshops that get families up and dancing together and strangers holding hands and laughing within minutes, our work truly touches all that come into contact with it!