Get out the bunting – we have another vintage episode for you today from way back in 2015! It was made by the AMAZING film maker, Claudia Lee. So,Week 9 brings you our latest offering as we continue with this series to keep a bit of our magic out in the Universe! We are used to spreading joy & bringing people together and are determined to keep doing so… each week were showcasing one of our company or some of our footage of shows or research & development, and this week we’re going to take a look back to the wonderful summer of 2015. Featuring, as ever, our fabulously talented company of dancers, musicians sound engineer and film crew. Hope you enjoy the wee ride around the country – if you do, please do share it and leave us a message so we know our work is still reaching you – and hopefully inspiring you to tap yer toes, hum a tune and bring a smile to your face!!! …much love – Natasha, Kerry & Frances xxx