• Folk Dance Remixed in Devon Life magazine

    We’re delighted to have our photograph in the Devon Life magazine!

    The feature is about Sidmouth Folk Week’s 60th birthday – Happy Birthday Sidmouth!

    It’s a fabulous festival so get down there next year for their 61st!

  • 28th September : Olympic Park 2013

    We were booked by Continental Drifts to be part of their Folk Day at the newly opened Olympic Park. We hosted two Street Dance the Maypole workshops and two Ceilidh Jam Pop Ups. We have been invited by Continental Drifts to be a part of their Global Local scheme in 2014, where they link festivals with new and groundbreaking companies and artists.

    Maypole at Olympic Park (by Quentin Fletcher)
  • 22nd September : Folk Dance Remixed host their own night at Cecil Sharp House

    It was a night of fun and frolics set in the beautiful Cecil Sharp House—the heart of English folk song and dance. The Company presented Step Hop House and a chance for all to dance with a Street Dance the Maypole workshop and our second Ceilidh Jam Session—a funked up social dance for all—it was a big hit!

    Step Hop House at Cecil Sharp House (by Irven Lewis)

    Step Hop House at Cecil Sharp House (by Irven Lewis)


    “Great show and lovely people – so much joyful dancing, colour and fun. Rich and funny choreography beautifully executed to great music – loved Jo’s spoons. Masterful work-shopping and ceilidh leading too.”

    Phillipa Nowell, Plumber, Nia Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • 12th & 13th September : East London Dance: 25 years and counting…

    Step Hop House at night (by Moira Sinclair)

    Step Hop House at night (by Moira Sinclair)

    Step Hop House was part of an extraordinary anniversary show at Stratford Circus. We performed outside in Theatre Square on the 12th in the theatre at Stratford Circus on the 13th Ceilidh Jam Pop Up performances and workshops in and outside the foyer and after the show we hosted our first ever Ceilidh Jam which was a huge success!

    “I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the show last night—a great mix of dance styles blended into a cohesive performance full of energy, skill and a real sense of joy! Lovely costumes and colourful props created a terrific environment in which to perform.”

    Barry Goodman, President, The Morris Federation

    Step Hop House at East London Dance (by Irven Lewis)

    Step Hop House at East London Dance (by Irven Lewis)

  • 7th & 8th September : Stratford Rising Festival

    We hosted Street Dance the Maypole workshops and Ceilidh Jam Pop Ups on the 7th show Step Hop House plus workshops on the 8th of Stratford Rising Festival. A festival that created a giant playground encouraging children to use their imaginations and play!

    “It’s a brilliant show for the whole family…with something for everyone. It’s like a colourful blast of music, dance, history, Diaspora and the relationship and mix between them all!”

    Bim Wagner, accountant and mum

  • 7th September : Mimbre Circus Central Festival

    We were delighted to be part of Mimbre’s first ever festival at Hackney’s Narrow Way, we joined the festival with two Street Dance the Maypole workshops that went down a storm.

    Mimbre Circus Festival (by KOS)
  • 6th September : London Bridge Live Arts Outdoor Dance programme

    After being selected through Ideas Tap we planned on presenting excerpts from Step Hop House, Pop Up performances and Street Dance the Maypole Workshops at Potter’s Fields Park but got rained out!

  • 23rd August : Brick Box, Canning Town Flyover

    We were under the A13 flyover with our Street Dance the Maypole workshops. One of our most successful workshops ever! Reason being, it was made up of such a diverse crowd…adults, families, homeless people and some had a few drinks before so inhibitions were gone and people really let go and danced their hearts out!

  • 6th August : Sidmouth Folk Week

    Folk Dance Remixed were delighted to be part of the famous and fantastic Sidmouth Folk Week. We presented Step Hop House at the Children’s Festival in Blackmore Gardens, along with a Street Dance the Maypole workshop and performed an early evening show at the Bulverton. It all went down brilliantly with the audiences… and the Spooky Men’s Chorale!

    “We were delighted with all of the acts who performed, and took part,across the Children’s Festival but your performance in Blackmore Gardens was a real highlight!”

    Bev Langton, Director of the Children’s Festival, Sidmouth Folk Week

    Sidmouth Folk Week (by Frances Watt)