Folk Dance Remixed is funky and fabulously fun. We can help to develop team skills, encourage collaboration, develop trust and positive relations within your group.

Our workshops and events improve teamwork, raise morale and trust – and boost your team’s health & wellbeing by getting them dancing together with laughter and energy!

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Our Creative Playground

We are marvellously adaptable and can tailor our workshops, events, performances and approach to fit your needs.

Workshop: Street Dance the Maypole

is all about TEAM WORK and creativity! As a precision dance if anyone goes wrong you can quickly get your team into a knot! These are also pretty fun to untangle…
  • We can bring at least two maypoles if you want to add a competitive element! Each one can host up to 24 participants.
  • We work with live music to create a pop up performance piece. If it’s a competitive workshop using teams, there will be an overall winner …this can be hilarious, as we have found that some participants take it REALLY seriously!
  • We use traditional folk moves and fuse them with current street dance moves. There is a creative element where the participants can use the ribbons to create their own solos and duets.
  • We can bring along hats and scarves from our costume banks and also encourage the participants to come along in our distinctive style, if they know the theme of their event beforehand. There’s always a prize for the best dressed!

Ceilidh Jams

are traditional ceilidh dances that are fused with current street dance moves and hip hop social dances.

  • We have a repertoire of remixed dances and, during the workshop, we’ll hand over to the participants to develop their own Ceilidh Jam – and select a winning team! Again…we’ve found participants have surprised themselves (and each other) by discovering their creative flare or competitive side during the Ceilidh Jam.




Other Add Ons…

  • Body MOT – stretching and strengthening warm up designed to get positive endorphins flowing!
  • Beat Boxing workshop
  • Pop up performance piece by workshop participants, to show colleagues.
  • Design & Create your own vintage hat to wear in the workshop.


Why not add on our current show to end your event so your participants can sit back relax and enjoy?
FDR172 Towersey Festival Finale (by Chris Walshaw)

Towersey Festival Finale (by Chris Walshaw)

Step Hop House

is a fresh, quirky, colourful and magical collision of traditional and Hip Hop dance and music, all developed into a high-energy, theatrical 30 minute professional performance offering a unique remix of Maypole, Clogging, Ceilidh, Street, House and Breakdance with a hint of African & Bollywood… to a live soundtrack of fiddle, bass, percussion & beat boxing. Performed by a diverse cast of 6 dancers and 3 musicians – this is Folk and Street Dance like you’ve never seen it before!

The Team…  

We use teachers and musicians from our talented company pool. You’ll have one street dance teacher and one folk dance teacher, with up to three live musicians, to put you through your paces.

Technical Requirements…  

When using one maypole we need a space that is 10 x 10m (for 2 maypoles 20m x 20m), with a height clearance of at least 3.5m. If the weather is permitting, we can host the workshops outside for an authentic feel. We have a PA and sound engineer, we just need a power supply close by.

Our most popular package is…

A one hour competitive Street Dance the Maypole workshop and a one hour Ceilidh Jamworkshop with 2 workshop leaders, 3 musicians and a sound engineer.

…add on our inspiring show ‘Step Hop House’ to wow your team!

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